Rob Hildreth:

Smoke + Ember

Photographer + Designer.

My creative work is the manifestation of an overactive imagination and a penchant for solving problems.

1998 – My art teacher (Michael Jackson) at school handed me a camera and a cassette tape of The Velvet Underground, my world as I knew it was about to change!

TODAY – I’ve been a huge fan of 60s garage and psych ever since. I’m passionate about the great outdoors, hiking over mountains and sleeping under stars. Experimenting with guitars and effects, seeing how much noise it’s possible for one person to make. Amongst listening to true crime podcasts and watching Scandinavian noir, Blue Planet and gritty dystopian movies. Great narrative is critical to my work. You need good stories, ones that captivate, excite and inspire. Something that’s authentic and connects with peoples hearts and minds.


I founded my creative studio as a place to share my experience and work with others to create meaningful and creative work, a place that thrives on creative freedom to lift and inspire people and spread a little joy.

Honesty, integrity and a passion to make the world a better place are values that I hold close to my heart. I love to work with likeminded people. Those who want to share meaningful and positive messages, refuse to allow themselves to be limited, aren't afraid to march to their own beat and thrive to empower and inspire others. If you just nodded your way through the last sentence then we should work together. Contact me or find out more about the studio here.